About Us

“My friends, it is wise to nourish the soul, otherwise you will breed dragons and devils in your heart.”

— C.G. Jung (Red Book, p. 232)
The C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado (CGJIC) has member analysts in the major metropolitan areas of Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs, as well as throughout the mountain regions of the state. There are also members who reside in other states and travel to Colorado to participate in our group’s activities from time to time. We aim to maintain a vital and soulful program that reflects the spirit of both Jung and Colorado – love of nature, the earth and the sky, combined with a quest for deeper relationship to and understanding of this phenomenon we call “psyche.” We welcome students and fellow explorers to participate in our programs.

The C.G. Jung Institute has been registered as a Colorado non-profit public benefit corporation since 1980. Certification for the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado to train analysts is granted by the International Association of Analytical Psychology.

Mission Statement for the C.G Jung Institute of Colorado

The mission of the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado is to carry forward C.G. Jung’s explorations of the human psyche and the psyche’s relationship to society at-large; to train analysts skilled in the specifically Jungian approach to working with human problems and potentials; and to educate the public about developments in Jungian thought and practice. We base our work on Jung’s notion of the psyche as a living, autonomous force that manifests in different ways, including dreams, imagination, symbols, relationships, and synchronicities; and on the belief that the essence of Jungian analysis is listening carefully to these varied manifestations. Ours is a vision that hews closely to the essential teachings of Jungian psychology, but remains open to new insights from the humanities, sciences, and the arts as they evolve. In pursuing our mission, we are interested in the continuing expansion of human consciousness and the extension of applications of Jungian psychology to individual and collective life. As a community, we are committed to open communication and mutual respect.
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