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“One must never look to the things that ought to change. The main question is how we change ourselves.”

— C.G. Jung, Letters vol. 1, p. 314 (letter to Eugen Diesel April 10, 1942)
Jungian Psychology connects us to the rich and mysterious inner world that our culture so often discounts. The C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado is dedicated to bringing Jungian Psychology to our community and to the Rocky Mountain Region. We are a group of 28 Jungian Analysts interested in continued research and in sharing our knowledge and experience in the field of Analytical Psychology.

We offer training in Jungian Psychology that leads to a diploma. We are fully accredited by the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) to train qualified individuals to become Jungian Analysts. We are the only program in the Rocky Mountain Region that offers an independent, comprehensive analytic training program. We offer advanced Study Groups for people who are interested in deepening their understanding of Jungian Psychology, through study and dialogue in a small group setting.

We offer a series of evening classes every fall and spring, open to the general public, that cover the basic fundamental principles of Jungian thought as well as special topics of interest, such as dream interpretation, alchemy, the symbolic world of fairy tales and myth, and active imagination.

We offer special events, such as presentations by visiting analysts from around the world, film discussions, visiting psychological or spiritual leaders from other countries and cultures, panel discussions and lectures that encourage and enliven psychological discussion of various topics.
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