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“The right way to wholeness is made up of fateful detours and wrong turnings.”

— C.G. Jung
The C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado began its life in 1976 as the C.G. Jung Education and Research Center, founded by three analysts new to Colorado at that time. By the time of its incorporation in 1980, there were several candidates studying to become analysts. The Center, or as it would be named, the Institute was dedicated to training new analysts as well as offering lectures and classes on Jungian psychology to the general public. Denver became part of the newly formed Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts (IRSJA) and the analytic training was offered under its auspices. At that time, the IRSJA consisted of regions, and Colorado and New Mexico were organized into the Rocky Mountain Region. Analysts from New Mexico and Colorado would meet once a year to interview applicants and candidates and discuss training issues. Originally these meetings took place in Alamosa, Co., but soon they were relocated to Crestone, Co. In 1990, the Santa Fe group left IRSJA to form an independent training institute. At that time, Colorado became the Rocky Mountain Region of IRSJA and all training activities were centered in Denver. This title remained until 1993, when IRSJA discontinued the notion of regions. From that time until 2013, Denver was designated one of the Local Training Seminars of the IRSJA.

As it grew, the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado continued to train candidates as part of IRSJA, as well as to offer local classes and seminars. In 2010, owing partly to the growth of the Institute, which included almost 20 analysts, members of the Institute began to discuss the possibility of separating from IRSJA and forming an independent training Institute. On July 4, 2011, an application was filed with the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP). This is a process that takes two years from the date of the actual application. As of August 22, 2013, we are an Independent Training Society, recognized and ratified by the IAAP. As an independent institute, the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado will continue to produce and promote original research in the field of Analytical Psychology, as well as to train new analysts who, upon graduation, will become members of the International Association for Analytical Psychology. In addition, we will continue our long tradition of offering public classes to help educate the people of Colorado about the psychology of C.G. Jung.

In Memory of Emeritus Member, James Glenn Carlson

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