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Seminar and Class Information

Public Education Classes:

Each fall and spring, the Institute offers six to ten evenings of classes on such topics as: The Fundamentals of Jungian Psychology, Dream Interpretation, Alchemy, Special Topics in Jungian Psychology, The Red Book. These classes are a good introduction to the Institute’s members as well as to the basic concepts in Jungian Psychology, and they are taken by beginners in the field as well as by more experienced Jungian students. They are always taught by analysts or advanced training candidates.

Analytic Training Program:

Our institute has been involved in training Jungian Analysts since 1976. From that time until August 2013, the training was under the umbrella of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts (IRSJA), a national organization that is a member of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP), the internationally recognized body for the credentialing of Jungian analysts. On August 22, 2013, the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado was fully ratified by the IAAP as an Independent Training Society. This ratification took place at the International Congress in Copenhagen.

Our analytic training program is primarily conducted eight weekends out of the year, from September through May, and consists of seminars (“study groups”), tutorial groups, and group case consultation (“case seminars”). Those are the specific classes that the training candidates attend, and there are other details of the training experience that are outlined in the Training Regulations. A good way for individuals to connect with the program is to attend the study groups, which are attended by a mixture of analytic training candidates, therapists, and various other adult learners. These groups are open to individuals who have some prior study of Jungian thought and who are in personal analysis, and they are a pre-requisite for application to the training program. Each year, we require our students to read and study a substantial amount of C.G. Jung’s original texts, as we consider his work to be the foundation of our training program. Our seminars are designed to encourage individual students to find their own way of connecting to Jungian psychology specifically, and to depth psychology in general.

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