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History of Presentations and Presenters from Past Conferences of the
C. G. Jung Institute of Colorado

Eighth Annual (Zoom) Conference – June 5, 2021

Welcome Presenter: Laurel Howe
“Living a Symbolic Life” Presenter: Lara Newton
“Symbolic Life of an African Healer”Presenter: Lynne Radomsky.
“Paying Off Promethean Debt” Presenter: Jeff Kiehl
“Astrological and Symbolic Picture of the CGJIC” Presenter: Monika Wickman


Seventh Annual Conference – June 6, 2020

An in-person Conference was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A Zoom business meeting was held June 6, 2020

Sixth Annual Conference – May 31- June 1, 2019

“A Lecture in Memory of Erel Shalit” Presenter: Nancy Furlotti
“Watching and Waiting in the Wanderings of Life” Presenter: Kathryn Kuisle
“Living the Imaginal Life” (open to registered guests) Presenter: Lara Newton and Jeff Raff
“Approaching Death, the Final Chapter. Dreams of a 92 years old woman” Presenter: Kornelia Grabinska
“To Whom do You Pray, Cross Cultural Change from a Jungian Perspective, a Study of Zulu Healers, Traditional Isangomas and A.I.C. Prophets” Presenter: Margaret Johnson


Fifth Annual Conference – June 1-2, 2018

Keynote Address: “Guardians at the Gate: I Have to But I Can’t” Presenter: Cindy Smock
“Encounters with the Animal Soul: A Voice of Hope for our Precarious World” Presenter: Nancy Swift Furlotti
“The Redemption of the Feminine: A Study on the Archetypal Image of Mary’s Assumption as a Healing Symbol in Times of Crisis” Presenter: Grazia Di Giorgio
“Images on the Journey of Individuation: A Handcar Woman, a Cairn and a Fairy Tale” Presenter: Claudia Schmitt


Fourth Annual Conference – June 1-3, 2017

Keynote Address: INTERESTING TIMES Presenter: Jeff Raff
“My Story – As Far As I Can Tell” Presenter: Mark Palmer
“The Alchemical Yellow in Dreams and Image” Presenter: Nancy Ortenberg
Intersecting Stories: A Jungian Musing on Mixed Race, Ethnicity and Religion Presenter: Christine Chao
The Tree-of-Life and the Wonder-Working Plant Presenter: Ronda Martin
Seismic Political Shifts: A Panel Addressing Our Country’s Rapidly Changing Political Landscape and Its Effect on the Psyche Presented with open discussion by John Todd & Laurel Howe


Third Annual Conference – June 3-4, 2016

Psyche and Reflections on Mortality A Panel with Bernice Hill, Jeff Raff, Linda Leonard and Deborah Bryon
Healing the Split with our Sacred World (Plenary Address) Presenter: Jeff Kiehl

A Candle for Medusa Presenter: Margaret Dozier
The Cave Presenter: Claudia Schmitt
The Maiden and the Devil – Feminine Development Against All Odds Presenter: Lara Newton
Sandplay and the Alchemical Imagination Presenter: Laurel Howe


Second Annual Conference – June 5-6, 2015

Alchemy in our Practices and in our Lives A panel with Margaret Johnson, Jeff Kiehl, Lara Newton and Jeff Raff
Jung-Neumann Letters (Plenary Address) Presenter: Nancy Furlotti
Images of Individuation Presenter: Nancy Ortenberg
Hidden in Plain Sight Presenter: Grazia Di Giorgio
The Evolution of Archetypal Forms in Western Civilization Presenter: Jeffrey Kiehl
Shadow of the Bat resenter: John Todd
The Owl, the Goddess, and the Psyche Presenter: Mark Palmer


First Annual Conference – June 6-7, 2014

What is Jungian Analysis? A Panel with Nancy Furlotti, Bernice Hill, John Todd, and Jeff Kiehl
The Annunciation Its Symbolism and Transcendence Presenter: Kathryn Kuisle
Psychology and History: A New Look (Plenary Address) Presenter: Jeff Raff
Borderlands of the Psyche: Multiple Perspectives on How Culture and Country Meet Jungian Psychology Presenters: Lourdes Albarran, Christine M. Chao, Grazia DiGiorgio
I Saw a Whooping Crane, Crowned in Crimson Presenter: Judith Slimmon
Face–‐to–‐Face with the Absolute: The Binding of Isaac and the Archetype of the Patriarch Presenter: Mark Palmer
The Eye of the Camera, Synchronicity and Constructed Reality Presenter: Stephen Witty

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