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C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado Ratified

August 27, 2013-

During the recent X1X International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) Congress in Copenhagen, The C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado (CGJIC) was formally ratified. This is a process in which delegates from all of the Jungian Training Programs around the world vote. We won a stunning 280 out of 301 affirmations (93% of the delegates). The event that we have been contemplating for decades, and tirelessly working toward for the past three years, has finally come to fruition, and the Jung Institute members want to share this news with our community, near and far, known and unknown!

The Congress took place from Sunday August 18th (technically the pre-congress day) through Friday August 23rd. The Theme for the Congress was: 100 Years on: Origins, Innovations and Controversies. This is exactly 100 years from Jung’s famous inner journey, which he called his “confrontation with the unconscious,” that began in 1913, leading to the writing of the material for the Red Book as well as for Jung’s split with Sigmund Freud…and ultimately to the founding of Analytical Psychology. Over 800 Jungian Analysts and Training Candidates, as well as other Jungian scholars, from around the world came together to hear presentations on each others’ work, to discuss important matters in our field, and to enjoy the communion of kindred spirits. The energy was high and the material presented was excellent food for thought. It was an inspiring experience for those of us who were able to attend.

There were seven CGJIC analysts in attendance: Lourdes Albarran from Mexico City (member of our Membership Committee), Christine Chao from Denver (member of our Ethics Committee), Nancy Furlotti from Los Angeles and Aspen (chair of our Ethics Committee), Jeff Kiehl from Boulder (our Vice-President), Linda Leonard from Boulder (member of our Membership Committee), Lara Newton from Denver (our Director of Training) and Steve Witty from Colorado Springs (our Director of Admissions). There were also two of our Training Candidates in attendance, Grazia DiGiorgio (currently residing in Italy) and David Solem from Santa Fe (IRSJA Training Candidate who is a member of Colorado’s Case Colloquia). Two analysts brought their spouses, who also attended the conference presentations – Chris Chao’s husband Art Jones and Steve Witty’s wife Cheryl Witty. Two of our analysts gave presentations at the Congress: Lara Newton presented, “Listen Carefully: Brothers and Sisters in our World,” and Nancy Furlotti presented, “Restorying the Self, Transiency and Healing in the Post-Modern Condition.” One of our analysts was a moderator for a presentation: Jeff Kiehl moderated the presentation by Anna Panepucci and Harald Atmanspacher, a dialogue between a physicist and an analyst regarding Jung’s statement in 1953 to Pauli, “Psyche and matter can be considered virtually identical.” Also our Training Candidate Grazia DiGiorgio served as a translator for the Congress (she speaks English, Italian, German, French and Spanish fluently). So we can say that our group made a “good showing!” We were very involved in the proceedings and all felt that we came away with much to process!

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